I Know This by Brad Boswell

Brad Boswell

I know how despair feels, how happiness elates, how sadness sobs, how desire quivers…I know this.

I also know how to love, how to hate, how to give, how to take…I know this.

Patience during a delay, internal and external struggles then finding your way believing in the impossible…I know this.

Fighting to live wanting to die the taste of salty tears, the piercing metallic sting of a bloody bitten lip…I know this.

Crying in the dark, smiling with the sun on my face, sharing a toast with the living, spilling a toast for life gone…I know this.

Blood spilled in vain, breaking free from another’s chain, resilience unlimited as a means to cope, sun-like shine warming rays of hope…I know this.

A kiss set me free in the darkness a glimmer of what could be; a fire set a slow burn until the kiss came again inducing a raging glow…I know this.

I have strayed and returned again, fallen picked myself up again, said hello then goodbye again then again…I know this.

Just being in moments of an existence numb, now loves tap awakens a sleeping soul alive…this too I know.

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