The Fear Factor

Brad Boswell

Fear is a strange concept in our psyche. It creates automatic responses like sensory impairment, cardiovascular extinction, panic, tension, phobias and more. You may start to feel your heart start racing or sick to your stomach...Fear can undoubtedly creep up upon us at the most inopportune times when you least expect it.

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Fear comes in waves and stages, and there is not a soul alive who has not experienced it. Even in infancy fear is a defining element of our growth. Even more, telling is the fact that there have been scientific studies that showed infants that were born to mothers who were afraid of water also showed signs of being afraid of water. In this study, it would suggest that fears quite possibly can be passed genetically.

Fears can become a paralyzing quotient in an individual's life subduing their reality. People live an existence captive to and arrested by fear.



Fear is our body and brains adaptive way of protecting ourselves.

Clinically, there is seemingly an endless list of phobias and fears. This list starts at A and ends at Z; thankfully for humanity, every letter does not have a representative condition.

There are fears of heights (Acrophobia), fear of closed in spaces (Claustrophobia), and even fear of sex (Geniophobia). Initially, I said "Huh?". Then with further reconsideration, I'm thinking some fathers like myself might not be opposed to our daughters dealing with this particular condition. In all seriousness, all phobias are debilitating on some level to the suffers existence and can seem not so funny to the sufferers. Heck, enough people are afraid of the number 13 (Triskaidekaphobia) that it was declared a condition, not to mention a real tongue twister!

Fear and anxiety are similar in how they physically manifest in the body; however, they are not the same emotion. Fear is a direct response to an immediate "threat," while anxiety is a self-inflicted fear, usually brought on by anticipation of an event that has yet to occur.

Teaching yourself to recognize the difference can help to alleviate some unnecessary anxiety. Not only knowing the difference but also being able to teach yourself the techniques to deal with fear and anxiety productively and soothingly will not only empower you to face any situation but will also create a safe space within your mind to take on any challenging case.

Here are some techniques that can improve your mental state when dealing with fear and anxiety:

  • Adopt a no excuses, "live truth" attitude, where one exhibits sincere honesty about their fears without lessening or hiding from them.
  • Take actions to face your fears and become accountable.
  • Gratitude; Give thanks to your fears and view them as a gift from the Universe as a way to initiate necessary change.
  • Visualization; When we visualize positive outcomes, we can function beyond fear.


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There feels like a gradual shift in the way the masses of the planet are viewing fear these days as a whole. With all the newer advantages of high tech mobility and information sharing, we are pulling away from the veil of more old time. With that also comes oversaturation and desensitization of recent generations through social media and the gaming industry.

In the end, it comes down to the individual acknowledgment of what precipitates our fears. We also need to recognize which of those fears are helpful and allow us to grow as individuals, in turn contributing to the Universal well being.

Fear is not something that we need to fix. Listen to what your concern is telling you. Give love, acceptance, and gratitude and grant yourself the solace of knowing all is as it should be.

The more understanding I gain of this thing we call to fear, the more I realize it's just an illusion that we concocted and had attached specifics too. It's primarily based on our minds. Therefore, we can entirely author our realities, Embrace Our Fate, if we will rewrite a personal story of focused, positive contribution to the universe.

Living in the present, fully engaged, in erasing those phobias, so now all has become vivid, placid and clear. Conquer life with boldness it's the truth you will feel to set you free to be all you deserve to experience, share, and receive living being without fear.

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