Brad Bowswell

 Angels wings covering me as demons lurk to watch me leak.
My passion pulses rage and life becomes a bitter treat. Now they're
insidiously agitated by my vision , they want me blind, my death they seek.
Asphalt focus , solidly unrepentant they project those ills I see not, statuesque
is the structure I build in my hearts core from the dreams of the dead.
It is the great wall I erect to deflect, beating back their restless desires and vain attacks.
My suicidal heart throb's an angry ache ready to spill it's crimson red.
Am I truly crazed as I match then eclipse an ignorance of arrogance hopelessly trapped in itself. This worlds reality perception has been perverted for far to long, while all move to the low.  Vibrational tone of a rhythmless dance and it's song.
Status, Race, Gender, Politics, the moods of an archaic agenda trying decide fates and futures, in a slanted game disguised as chance. Reject that insanity! This is our destiny, whatever it was or is meant to be, also the planet innately belongs to all creation not just humanity.
So if you believe as I do '' Make a move'' create your existence into an example, towards then becoming now the embodiment of righting this overdue wrong. 

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