Singing Inside Out

Brad Boswell

Trust our hearts more because our minds have been hacked by a high tech takeover and your souls been jacked.

Let your blood speak loudly.   It's the passion, the infinite's tool flowing connected to all things.

Practice peace.   Keep it cool.   And never boil your dreams.

Believe in your force.   Share your source.   Emphatically reject the divisive agendas with their chameleon-like games.

Take the fullest responsibility for the reality you own.   It's yours and yours only. Completely your doing so no one else can be blamed.

Recognize all this through the application of powerful actions.   Then to your existence all manner of blessings fate must now bring.

Artistry of vibrations incarnate, to play on your radio so the frequency success is justly your station.

Now each day adds another note, a beautifully resounding ring, a tremendous song purpose wrote in our hearts forever.

From now on we shall sing.





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