Pyramind's Grind

Brad Boswell

Elevate that destiny you are truly meant to be.

Make the break from a false mental perception, let intuition guide and set you free.

Now you have blown up and out expansion everywhere you got that clout... Pyramind’s Grind.

Frequency on tilt set to champion.

Now no trolling ass challenges can hold us down.

Now you blew up and out everywhere on fleek.

You got that clout... Pyramind’s Grind perpetually to reach their peak.

The life we always felt and knew is claimed.

Love and excellence define the value of an empowered purpose creating blessings of fortune, success, meaning, and fame.

All we have become is now known as great.

We burrow down deep into our souls twisting mysterious tunnels to discover, to share a beautiful fate.

It’s our beautiful universal truth.

A feeling provided by a cosmic tryst is the proof.

To reach worldly heights of galaxies unseen, so on this earthly plane finds your real dream resides, now in a heavenly state of a Pyramind’s Grind

T Bird Pyramid

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