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How did it get to this point in Syria? Why is the so-called leader of Syria prepared to destroy that whole country and all those innocent lives? When will the rest of the world finally take the steps and act to bring this carnage to a conclusion? These are some very critical questions that need examination and answers...Now!
So first we need to rewind and gain some perspective of the country and people of Syria. The name Syria derives'' from  the Greek Assyrioi  (Assyria) which is part of ancient Mesopotamia. It is one of the oldest inhabited regions in the world a civilization dating back 700,000 years ago. 
From this many years later evolved Ottoman Syria, who would become the short lived Arab kingdom of Syria in 1920, soon committed by the French mandate until 1938 seen as a Republic. Syria would gain independence in 1946. It would in 1948 enter the Arab-Israeli War, which caused political instability for decades from 1950's into the 1970's. At this point enter Hafez al Assad, 
who establishes himself as leader, and imparts his regime onto the Syrian land and it's people.
Syria has a long history of tumult and discourse, the Assad Family has governed for 4 decades. First Hafez al Assad, and now his son Bashur al Assad ruling in a republican dictatorship. Organizations that track freedom of press and variables like economics, politics, as well as religious freedoms have scored the Assad's rule as wholly poor.
The Syrian civil war which started March 15, 2011 during the ''Arab Spring (a series of anti-risings affecting Arab countries including North Africa and the Middle East beginning in 2010) government. The forces that seek to oust Bashur Assad are backed by Western support (US, UK, ,France, Saudi Arabia including Isis etc.).  Assad's regime has the support of the Russians, Iran, China, Egypt, Iraq etc.  
Syria will never be the same.... Hundreds of thousands of people died, estimates of 353,593 and 498,593. The United Nations and the Arab league Envoy to Syria estimate a gut wrenching 470,000 killed or wounded since 2011. It's a nation that has been absolutely turned inside out. Result's of a dictator's heartless desires above all those unfortunately captive to his insidious intentions.
Essentially totaled it will take many decades to return the standards of living once an end finally comes to this tragedy.  Over 13 million people receive humanitarian assistance. Much of the country's infrastructure is affected including historic aspects lost, razed to dust.
       This nation's population is besieged with no sense of normalcy. As bombs, bullets, and even clouds of deadly chemicals invade their bodies, hearts, minds and futures. Souls are tortured in a slow deliberate agonizing fashion. Death is the reality they encounter sent from the same people who once existed amongst one another in commonality, now mortal enemies as zero sum destruction becomes exodus.
Refugees have fled this horror they called home one time ,not so long ago. 5.6 million already fled, while another 6.1 Syrians remain in Syria displaced.
More than half of them are the most susceptible of all...the children. These are children, some of whom don"t have a sense of what it means to just be free from fear, to not worry or have a understanding of belonging.  Even as resilient as kids can have historically shown themselves to be, despite their surroundings and conditions, some of these Syrian children may never play again.
Many countries have opened their borders to these refugees over the years, such as Hungary, Greece, Lebanon, and Jordan with more than 1000,000 reaching Europe.  In 2015 the world had to face the shocking sight of Alan Kurdi, a 2 year old who's body washed up on shore after his family attempted to flee in a boat. There will be no more playing, ever for little Alan ...may Angel's hold his hand and guide his soul divinely.
The stark fact is that there are many children perishing, also the elderly, women, men, and we can't forget all the thousands of animals affected. The people have little, if any, access to sanitation supplies, medicine, or food. Many, especially children, are suffering from malnutrition.
There are numerous humanitarian organizations that are doing life saving efforts. In America in Washington DC, in New York at the United Nations, and globally, we need leaders to create solid resolutions and follow through with concrete actions to do all necessary and possible things to protect innocent lives, now.  Responsibility is paramount. Likewise this world must sound the alarms of the extraordinary atrocities taking place, like the recent chemical warfare tactics visited upon the Syrian people including babies. These people, as are all people on the globe, are our brethren, being's connected in compassion, struggle, seeking needing love and care, yet to often still finding pain. They are, as we are, caught in in the endless cycle, coping while hoping to create an existence centered in aspiration, peace and freedom.
We all need to take pause of our own situations, show gratitude, then share that emotion by assisting the Syrian people's cause, which is as I see it - right to life. God bless us all! 

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