3-D Evolution

Brad Bowswell

How do we alter a course for our lives that seems predetermined by fate?


First we need ask a few questions…


  1. Are all life scenarios predetermined by our races, education, economics, environments, and circumstances?
  1. Are the "Forces that be" in control of all outcomes?
  1. Is there more to reality than what we see?


All of our lives we have been taught, trained, and programmed to accept race, economics, and many various circumstances as preordained facts of life.


So we basically limit ourselves and potential.


Secondly in my opinion, and possibly the opinion 80% of the planet, there are forces that actively seek to orchestrate and exert control into every aspect of our lives. Monetization and fear are a frequent goal and tool they use. Thankfully they are definitely not the final word over your life. We are the ultimate authority over ourselves.



  What's more is that it’s really always been this way, unfortunately too much of mankind is unaware. Most or at least far too many people just simply concede control to others in their realities...Don't!


Finally our shared reality is actually mutable, no matter what, period. It turns out our minds are the real "Star trek voyager’, a limitless frontier, nothing is final.


We are occupying a dimensional world of quantum origin. We view it in 3D, it's a matrix similar to the movie. All is based on our own perception. Many dimensions and realities exist, likewise there are endless possibilities.



So whatever reality you seek ultimately you may possess. You must learn, understand, trust then implement action, AKA ‘Ask, Believe, Receive'. Doing these things will allow growth to exit ego or 3D self to recreate a new reality... its waiting so don't procrastinate.  

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